I'm using https://pub.dev/packages/cached_network_image for display network image.

I came across with curious issue. Here I'm setting my profile image and url of profile image will be same, Only image will be changed.

Suppose if, First time I upload profile image then I will get url like "https://xx.yyy/user/profileAvatar" First time all works fine. But when I change profile image second time I will get same url as above with new image. But issue is here CachedNetworkImage can't able to load my new image.

Need your guidance to solve this issue.

PS. : I know, If I delete previous image from cache directory before uploading second one it will solve my issue.


OMG, Same things even doesn't work with Image.network too.


If the url is not changing for different images, its better to avoid using CachedNetworkImage... You can simply use NetworkImage widget

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