I am trying to extract from the string the following:

Original string: M 1,81 PRT 25 12 1988

I want to extract: 25 12 1988

Basically 2numbers|space|2numbers|space|4numbers

I am struggling to do it, so far i got to this but my little experience with regex keeps me from finishing it.

Tried with this regex:


This will return the captured data as a group, and will work regardless of the whitespace character used.


Go to regex101.com and try it out. It's a good way to build your expressions.


This is a pretty easy one:

(\d{2} \d{2} \d{4})

Quite self-explanatory. \d means a digit, and {N} means the count.

  • I don't know much of regrex, but, aren't you forgetting the brackets ()? – Ender Look Apr 11 at 14:12
  • Sure, if you need to have a capturing group, the brackets should be there! – Ildar Akhmetov Apr 11 at 14:24

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