I am trying to extract information from a multi-fasta file (e.g. C/G/A/T count, CG%) using biopython. I keep running into trouble when I try to iterate over the file for each fasta sequence - I can only get the first one to print out.

I suspect it may be something to do with my file format as it is not an actual fasta file, but I don't know how I can change this.

input_file = open("inputfile.fa", 'r')
output_file = open('nucleotide_counts.txt','w')

#count nucleotides in this record..gene_name = cur_record.name
from Bio import SeqIO
for cur_record in SeqIO.parse(input_file, "fasta"):
    gene_name = cur_record.name 
    A_count = cur_record.seq.count('A')
    C_count = cur_record.seq.count('C')
    G_count = cur_record.seq.count('G')
    T_count = cur_record.seq.count('T')
    length = len(cur_record.seq)
    cg_percentage = (float(C_count + G_count) / length)*100
    output_line = '%s\t%i\t%i\t%i\t%i\t%i\t%f\n' % \
    (gene_name, A_count, C_count, G_count, T_count, length, cg_percentage)

This is what my multifasta looks like (with start and end specified)


And my output file only contains one row:

Gene    A       C       G       T       Length  CG%
1:start-end 85      115     180     59      439     67.198178
  • At first glance, I cannot see any obvious reason why your code won't work. But I can see that your input and output does not match. In those two fasta records there are not 85 As. Could you please post sample input and expected output for that input? – Poshi Apr 11 at 13:38
  • I read your file had a different format, so I'll actually remove my answer. Seems to me also that that should work – cnluzon Apr 11 at 13:43
  • Although I haven't posted the correct input and output here I checked and it is giving the correct values for the first sequence, so I guess it must be something wrong with how I have done the looping? – egeorgia Apr 11 at 14:23
  • 1
    Cannot reproduce this- your current code is not the most elegant but it does work as it does iterate over all records as you want. Before your edit the indentation was wrong however so check this in your actual code – Chris_Rands Apr 11 at 14:29
  • You might want to include multiprocessing at the step op counting amino-acids. This a labour intense work if it become large fasta files to walk-through. Look at my answer here how you can do such thing. – ZF007 Apr 12 at 20:39

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